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About us

Fone Taxi LLC is a Taxi Mobile App company registered in the USA & Africa.

Our Strategy

  • The company builds a bridge between the supply and demand of taxis through relationships, partnerships/agreements etc.
  • Establishes relationships/partnerships with City Taxi cab associations, City Administrators/Local governments, and other stakeholders etc.
  • Open for possible joint ventures to potential and strategic investors…
  • Increase of revenues compared to traditional taxis,
  • Possible facilities and or support to special hire Taxi associations Drivers (negotiation of guarantee for bank loans, Life /security Insurance etc.

Our Business Model

Our solution is an innovative attempt to produce an App which meets the needs of both the Service Providers and the Users with the minimum disruption to the traditional way of operating! We believe that our App will enhance and improve the income of normal service providers in the targeted sector without being a threat to their livelihoods!

Win Win Model

We prefer a Win-Win rather than a Win-Lose scenario. We see an added advantage in this model which can be translated to the bottom line and at the same time add to the take-up factor in the market.

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